Monday, August 10, 2009

Frugal Mondays

Flung the last of your summer pennies at itunes, school books for your kids, or oysters on the bay? Has Time magazine got an article for you, here.
Six posh chefs bring you gourmet dinners you can make for under $10, from fennel pork loin to spicy spaghetti with pancetta.
Browsing the recipes and photos, I was unable to concentrate on the ingredients however. I was struck more by the head shots of the chefs. How much had their stylists cost?

Um, is a $10 dinner menu a surprise for anyone out there? On the other hand, maybe that's why my kids are fed up with rice and beans. In order to expand my repertoire I would love to know any of your tips or delectable and frugal meals--


  1. Well, remember, my dining companions are very unworthy, but we are often very happy eating baked potatoes for dinner. It's something we all like and they are very filling.

  2. I can't get my mind off your bottle of prized rose. How about combining your two posts and we have a rose tasting, with all the roses under $10.

  3. AH: ah, a tempting idea indeed! Let's figure out a date in August--
    M: LOVE baked potatoes--and never think of them because of the virulently anti-carb component in my family. Sometimes it's enough to make me hand in my apron for good.

  4. Desiree, I need each day to visit you :D You are my cybernetic drogue ahahahha.
    About dinner with less than 10$: I usually eat it! :D
    I adore pizza and spaghetti carbonara (in Italy I can cook it with less than 10$. But pasta e fagioli(beans) too. It's cheap.
    or a great soup!
    oh, Now I neeed it something. ciaoooo. :D

  5. I--Thanks for the ideas my son loves carbonara and I LOVE pasta e facioli!

  6. Thanks for the link! I tend to overspend at the grocery store, but what can I say? I love to eat. Still, it's nice to know that a delicious meal can be had at a reasonable price. The fennel pork loin sounds excellent! I agree that carbonara and pasta e fagioli is great eating!

  7. I'm a big fan of split pea soup...but it is in my 'winter food' category. Count me in on the rose tasting---there's plenty of August left.