Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hard boiled

If you've clocked the books listed to the right under Currently Reading you may have noticed a trend towards the dark and mordant: Ken Bruen, Elmore Leonard, Lee Child, all terrific writers. I must confess I've been on a Ken Bruen jag, having discovered him just a few months ago and am now thoroughly addicted to his protagonist Jack Taylor.

But besides smoking cigarettes till dawn accompanied by a number of fifths of Jameson, what menu suits a hard-boiled detective series best?

Here are a couple of thoughts:

Anything with bits of meat and tomato sauce, like pizza or pasta. Drink Coke or Diet Coke because this will be a page-turner you want to stay awake for.

Edgy and entertaining like John D MacDonald's Travis McGee?
Plymouth gin martinis with a traditional steak and baked potato, although you may pass out long before the final curtain.

Worth savoring?
Accompany with tapas, or small plates, stretching the meal out for as long as possible. Pass on the sherry, not masculine enough, crack open a San Miguel.

Couldn't be bothered to pair your meal?
Then of course that unbeatable standby: milk and Oreos.

Any recommendations of your own?


  1. I think scrambled egg tacos. Although maybe that's women's fiction.

  2. Perfect for Michelle Martinez's mysteries!

  3. Oh god, now I'm going to be spending way too much time thinking about the pairings. Ok, I'll devote my evening run to this and get back to you. But I believe martinis will be involved. (I'm the other MacDonald kind of dame, Ross Macdonald.)

  4. Got it! But you'll be most disappointed in me. For the poetic mean street mystery, cold pizza and beer.

  5. Heh heh heh, AH--I'm happy to have been able to distract you during your run--and, let's face it, cold pizza and beer rarely disappoint.

  6. I usually do my recreational reading at night, when I'm settling down to bed. Alcohol won't do at that hour; I'll never get a chapter read by then because I'm tired. Fresh fruit, good cheese and some crackers will suit any book, paired with a late vintage water.

  7. All right you wholesome woman you. Show me up with your healthy choices, why don't you? I think I'll go crawl into a cup of hot chocolate. Before the day gets too warm.

  8. I'm very all-purpose on this one: popcorn and white wine goes with just about everything.

  9. WCGB: Not a combo I've tried, I usually go with a Diet Coke--but now it's on my radar--