Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fire Fire Burning Bright

The trouble with 107 degree temperatures backed up by billowing smokestacks coming from a 35,000 acre neighboring bonfire is it puts a real damper on the appetite. The kids walk by and wonder out loud if the rabbits are going to be okay, the husband walks by and wonders where we keep the insurance policy, and I wander towards the freezer to ensure there's plenty of ice to chill my current beverage of choice.

There's enough smoke and cinders in the air to keep the doors and windows sealed shut and dispel any thoughts of grilling or barbecuing.

The radio blares menace, the computer displays streaming video and the DC 10 threatens to return with 12,000 gallons of fire retardant.

What's on the menu today? Ice cubes.
Plenty of them.


  1. But, stirs up the a thirst for something cold.
    Just had a frozen Pomegrante Lemonade. The heat probably made it taste better.

  2. So you haven't been evacuated? Even here we woke up and could smell smoke in our house.

  3. Nice beverage of choice, she purrs, invoking her best Vanna White voice.

  4. CP--nice recommendation
    M--We are air conditioned safe and sound, despite living in a smoker
    LD--Hmmm, I sense ulterior motivation ;)

  5. Desiree I hope it's ok with you.
    DOn't forget: Grattachecca.

  6. AH--subtle, very subtle. ;) I'm going to have to wait till the flames die down and the smoke clears before I make any more plans.
    I--We are fine here. Sounds just like what my cousins south of the border would call raspados, in English shaved ice, what we call snow cones.
    Yes! I will remember them!

  7. Have you lost your everlovin' mind? It's G & T sweetie. Gin and tonics for all until there's oxygen available.

  8. What a great idea! Think I"ll try them as opposed to baloney and cheese. Maga

  9. Decisions, decisions--thanks Miss H--
    I'll take one of those over baloney and cheese ANY DAY, annonnie moose--