Friday, August 21, 2009

Endless possibilities

Quick! Before summer moves on its merry way--For all you pizza and/or lovers of all things Italian (oops, my biases are showing) here are a couple of promotions to hop over to before they vanish--

Thursdays, 5-9pm
$5 oven-fired pizza and $5 Peroni beer on the patio. They say: "It’s the best place to gather after work or before a night on the town!"

Now, hold your horses but that Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali's hip trendy spot that does a rushin' business from 5:30pm to close, you know, the one where you can squeeze in beside a celebrity whose name you forget or really never did know because you're not that actor's target demographic, yeah, that's right, Osteria Mozza is offering this:

Every Monday through Thursday a special three-course menu exclusively at our "Amaro Bar." Choose one item from Nancy's Mozzarella Bar (or share the Mozzarella Tasting for two), one Pasta, a Dessert and a glass of either Bastianich Friulano or La Mozza Morellino di Scansano for $35 (plus tax and service). No reservations are necessary; the seats at the bar are available on a first come first served basis so walk on in.

Also, Ruth's Chris in Pasadena is offering complimentary wine tasting on Mondays from 5-7 to the end of August. Unaware of this I dashed in there last Monday, just like a tourist, looking for change for a dollar and, after feeding the meter was rewarded with sips from three different wines. They also mentioned the possibility of complimentary snacks. I left a bit happier than I had entered.

Despite the recession, job dramas, the endless back to school supply list of books, clothes, what, what do you mean you need pencils and paper too? all I can say, in a word, is andiamo.


  1. Andiamo! Why, Dez, has Italo been giving you language lessons?

  2. Sounds like a deal at Ruth's. Let"s do it on a Monday. Maga

  3. Pizza looks good. From Zucca's? Don't think I know Zucca's. Must be in AltaDena.

  4. ahahahah! I didn't know you can find Peroni even there!!! Morellino di Scansano, I have two bottles in the kitchen. Desiree: Andate, io vengo con le bottiglie! :D

  5. Am definitely going to try Ruth's Chris deal. Always loved the name Ruth's Chris Steak House anyway.

  6. M-I wanted to retort something witty in Italian, but find myself incapable
    CP-Check out the Patina website for Zucca photos, it's downtown LA.
    I-Wow! I feel both menus are even better with your validation--
    WCGB--Maybe I'll see you there...

  7. Duh! how come I didn't see that Zucca deal earlier. Thanks!

    and to Italo: they sell Peroni at BevMo. Isn't it the Budweiser of Italy? (Yes it is).

  8. SS--and here I was worried I was promoting "chained food" ;)