Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cooking: the Dark Side

The problem with braising, basting,baking, roasting, grilling, simmering, sizzling, searing, peeling, pureeing, is, in the end, you are alone in the kitchen with the dishes.

Oh, yes, I've made deals and chore charts, wheedled and cajoled, bribed and threatened, jumped up and down until my natural golden tan turned purple, and it works, for just that day. Memories, in this family, are short it seems.

Including mine, because once the tantrum has passed, there I am, plotting and scheming and devising another meal.

Like writing and smoking, it's an addiction.
Unless, unless--
maybe it's time to go cold turkey. How long can a family survive on microwaved popcorn and quesadillas?


  1. ants have invaded our kitchen no matter how many times we clean, spray 409, spray outside, wash dishes immediately after use, so I am all for bbq, rice cooker meals (shrimp, rice, veggies -add shrimp near end of cooking cycle), and EATING OUT.

  2. Yay to eating out! I think your tribulations have got mine BEAT

  3. Quesadillas? Hmmm, what kind of cheese?

  4. I know I'm hatable when I'm on vacation BUT, in our condo we have cleaning service every day and they wash every single dish and put them away. I'm going to die (or quit cooking) when I return home.

  5. Hateable. Yep. Absolutely. Thanks Bec for taking the spring out of my step--
    AH--whatever they can scrounge up--

  6. The cover situation art doezn't look like any loco female blogger's I know.

  7. So what's wrong with baloney and cheese sandwiches? Maga

  8. CO--That's their private face. We pretty up for the public.
    A--You're right again, what was I thinking?

  9. AHAHAHAHHAAHH try to do just quesadillas and pop corn!!!!!!!!!!!
    I understand your situation.
    PS: I loved the mojito :D

  10. Puddin' aside the food for a second, I love her hair (in the poster). OHOHOH I want that hair style.

    And, yes. I am a #1 fan of the man from ____.

  11. Mlle--
    I think I'm partial to that hairstyle, too!