Monday, August 17, 2009

To Have and Have Not

You've booked your cottage/cabin/rental complete with sitting room and mini-kitchen. The NY Times recently did a post on absolute vacation packing kitchen utensil necessities, where the comments ranged from mine (corkscrew, then nothing else matters) to Pyrex measuring cups, assorted spices, muffin pans and an induction cooker. Really, people? Okay, I may be restless but I'm not nuts! And if facilities are truly limited, hey, that's why God in her wisdom created Chowhound and Zagat's, among lesser entities.

I know a couple of you have headed out of town, any thoughts?


  1. A mini cutting board and paring knife are nice for cutting lime wedges for gin and tonics.

  2. What a beautiful photo!!! Like my aunt kitchen! :)

  3. I, M and AH: very funny!
    S: I will keep it in mind--

  4. I like having a phone to order room service, or if room service isn't available, to make reservations with.

  5. Good thought, Sal.
    CP: it's gettin' cryptic--