Monday, August 3, 2009

Picnicking Out

If it's Monday then I'm in Tomales Bay in search of the best barbecued oysters. (All right, no cracks about it being August). Russ Parsons had an article in the LA Times a couple of years back and I haven't forgotten how it piqued my appetite. But what about the drive up? What to pack in the cooler while we stop at Point Reyes? Mark Bittman, to the rescue, of course, with his
101 riffs on the picnic basket. You can find it here. I want to try them ALL!

If I don't respond to comments in a timely manner, these next few days, please don't take it personally. I'm not sure if where we're staying has any wireless. Or, if being stuffed with oysters and wine, that I'll be able to focus my eyes on a computer screen.


  1. It looks devine up there! Hope you are having fun. Maga

  2. Now this is how you blog while you're vacationing. Very well done.

  3. Desiree. Tomales Bay is wonderful!
    Come soon: I need your photos and your descriptions and recipes!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey, y'all--thaks for the comments!
    Italo--full confession: we lost our camera before our trip. Boo hoo. I will have to make up for it somehow.