Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Secret Vices

Now that I've read
Catching Fire I better understand the author's premise. Cooking food releases nutrients, makes food taste better, and is a societal building block. However, I have a few words of advice to him if he wants to make bazillions of dollars. Buried in the middle of the book is the fact that people who commit themselves to eating only raw foods often lose weight. Market it as a dieting book.

So, want to lose pounds quickly? Just cut out the cooked food.

As we wait for hell to freeze over, let's amuse ourselves with an ice cream cone. Current secret vice: strawberry cheesecake. (Ah, I remember it from my childhood. And now my daughter has discovered it, too). In a sweet passage from Neil Gaiman's and Terry Pratchett's Good Omens the children can't possibly believe there's an ice cream store in America that sells 31 flavors. It's too fabulous to be true.

What's your current food or drink vice? Anything you're willing to share here?


  1. CIao Desiree, first of all. Thanks for the advice: Now I can say to the people I make dieting translation, it can work?!?!?!? :)
    ABout ice cream flavours: you've been in SIcily, 31 is not an enormous number.
    About vice: pizza (pizza bianca, white, from the bakery, and mortadella inside) or supplì (fried rice balls with bolognese sauce and pieces of mozzarella inside) or the magical Filetti di baccalà (Sorry, I can't translate, my mouth is watering, I need go to eat something).

  2. Well, I don't know, if you're talking about food as in vice, you probably mean food that others may find, uh, questionable. So to that I answer, a tin of smoked oysters and a carton of shredded parmesan from the mean Italian down on Lake.

  3. AH--I love smoked oysters, and have a certain fondness for the mean Italian--
    I--so true about gelato, but Brits of a certain age are rather suspicious of all things Italian (I should know, I'm married to one of them). Oh my gosh, now I need to find a suppli recipe!

  4. Hoooold up! You live in the land of Bulgarini and you're contemplating Baskin Robbins? For shame!

  5. It's good to see Tony SS getting out more, out of his foodblog house.

    I suppose sometimes one wants variety in their ice cream other than just de italian type, as great tasting as it is.

  6. CP to the rescue--
    SS: But Bulgarini doesn't do strawberry cheesecake-
    and for a few dollars less I can get a double scoop at Rite Aid! (Ah yes, shame, I feel the burn)

  7. Bulgarini's good, but it's not $4 a tablespoon good.

  8. I think Marg is the blogger who makes the Big Bucks around here.

  9. Cherry Garcia ice cream and dark chocolate that I hide from my husband (shh!).

  10. Bec-
    THAT's what I'm talkin' about!