Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little Bites, Big Brains

Did you catch this fascinating interview in Salon last week? Cooking has not only freed the nutrients in the food, but also the brain for other pursuits: hunting, culture, and more cooking.
Did you know that in all recorded societies women have done the cooking? Does that mean the men washed up?

This interview does answer my own question, why am I such a restless person? I should have just had more kids to cook for. Check it out, I do think it's very interesting.


  1. Michael Pollan was on Fresh Air yesterday, talking about this theory and his cover story in the NY Times magazine last Sunday.

    The sad, scary part is the prediction that in another generation or two there will be no such thing as home-cooking. I hope that never happens!

  2. Karen: I heard part of that interview, but you know what, I cook from scratch most days. I don't always get rave reviews, but I wonder if he is overstating things. What do you think, Dez?

  3. I think the assumption that I should cook put me off cooking for a long, long time. Then I stopped worrying about assumptions.

  4. Desiree, raw food is good I think, but for cows and horses. We need, cooked food!!!!!!!!
    And about men and wash up: well, I have to confess, Men hate wash up :) For example me: I like to cook but never I wash up or clean the kitchen after cooking! ahahahhahahahah

  5. K and M: I think you're right, he is overstating things. We are the measure of all things, right? A few years back I sat at Kaiser and eavesdropped on a mom and her daughter (8 or 9). She was quizzing her daughter on how to make certain dishes, and I had to lean over and tell her she was making me hungry. She told me when she was a girl she was supposed to know how to whip up dinner (including cake and frosting) from scratch. Wow, I thought.

    AH--So true, I think my Friday post will deal with some assumptios.

    I-heh, heh, heh. I aspire to your level of productivity!