Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Passed Over--

To some Christians
, Jews are God's Chosen People. Certainly my maternal grandmother believed this, and searched for one willing to marry her. She found herself forced settled for a Baptist minister.

Odd how aspirations are fulfilled after skipping a generation. My mostly non observant Chosen Person and I exchanged vows under a huppah. The marriage is a mash up, but so far a successful one. (Note the 'so far.' Clearly an indicator of my fatalismo mexicano.)

A friend of mine makes fantastic gefilte fish, using salmon poached in salmon stock. Their color is nothing like the flabby damp grey ones you'd find in a bottle of the stuff--but a vivid pink, flecked with bits of bright carrot orange. Delightful, delicious, but too labor-intense for even me.

Aside: if one group is God's chosen people, what are the rest of us? What is the opposite of chosen? A sigh.

I shall console myself with matzoh ball soup and chopped liver. And perhaps a little kosher wine.


  1. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but Norwegian and Jewish cuisine have much in common -- on the upside: fish balls, smoked salmon; less impressive: Flatbread and soup from refrigerator remainderings.

    So what is the opposite of chosen? Lutheran.

  2. Everytime KB mentions Jewish Norwegian cuisine, it serves as an alarm clock of time 4 me to get out to one of the local Jewish or Norwegian cafes.

  3. AH-You slay me!
    CP--Which ones?!?!?

  4. So what exactly is gefilte fish?

  5. Was that Josephine F. Macias you were referring to? Lordy, what an earthquake she was! Maga

  6. Do I have another maternal grandmother?

  7. Margaret--
    Gefilte fish is a fish, usually carp, that's been boned, then mashed and shaped into an oval then poached. Does it sound appetizing?
    I think it's something you really have to be raised on to enjoy. My husband's family uses horseradish as a condiment for theirs.