Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is sprung

the grass is riz
I wonder where
the birdies is


Out of town half the week I returned and everything had burst into color: wisteria, calla lillies, azaleas, more and more, pansies, birds of paradise, on every street I turned. Who says southern California doesn't have seasons? You've got to pay attention. I even love that the camphor trees tend to lose their leaves this time of year, and scatter them across streets and drives. Gorgeous.

(Oh yeah, we've got two seasons: earthquake and fire)

In honor of spring, sprinkle flowers everywhere: especially on your cupcakes, as
revealed here.


  1. And everything smells so good. Jasmine, pittosporum undulatum, Burmese honeysuckle, garden-variety honeysuckle, citrus...

  2. I know, it's wonderful (now I need to google half of those dern names)

  3. This is the most fragrant spring in memory. I walked outside the other night and almost got knocked over, the perfume was so sweet. All the flowering citrus, et al are going nuts after that wet winter.

  4. ...Michelia champaca, osmanthus fragrans, nicotiana alata...

  5. Aw ya big show off! More words for the Sunset guide. Sheesh!

  6. Well, I don't know so much about flowers, but I'm an expert at cupcakes: chocolate, yellow cake, buttermilk, vanilla...