Friday, September 25, 2009

Still too darn hot---

Any time it's over 100 degrees I melt. Lighting the stove on a day like this seems criminal.
Here's something that I find really refreshing. Normally served as an antojito, or a snack before dinner, I think it makes a terrific breakfast too.

Slice a watermelon into manageable chunks. Sprinkle with salt. Squeeze a bit of Mexican (or Key) lime juice, add a very light sprinkle of cayenne. It's an eye and a taste-bud opener!


add peeled and sliced segments of orange. Delightful contrast.

Or skip the watermelon and do this with oranges and peeled, cubed or julienned jicama. If your
jicama is dry and starchy, it's too old. You want something succulent and fresh.

Looking for a sweet and salty drink for your Friday happy hour? Remember La Paloma.

Music pick? Cole Porter and Kiss Me Kate here.


  1. It has taken me a long time, but I think I have learned to love jicama. I think my early exposure was to the too old kind (although I hadn't figured that out until just now). Recently, I had a spinach salad at La Grande Orange, and it had the best jicama in it. Yum.

  2. Is it over 100 degrees with you? Here in the north of England the cool autumn days are already getting shorter and the nights longer. We are cooking cassoulets, soups and braised red cabbage - yum!! Some sun would be lovely though.

  3. Kate: it is 109 degrees here as I type. I think tonight the dinner is salad and sandwiches. Braised red cabbage is delicious--but I'm not turning on the stove!
    M: Which reminds me: we need to set a date there!

  4. Yeah, some like it hot...and, some don't.
    If you can't stand the heat, Restless Dez, get outta de kitchen...and, into a restaurant!

  5. So true, CO--so instead of cooking dinner I added a music link--

  6. Haha, I just walked in the house with a pocket melon. Nothing else seemed right today. (Damn, did you take that photo?)

    The most funny fruit ever.

  8. AH--My camera has been missing in action for months-
    Italo--almost as funny as scaring old ladies at cemetaries ;)