Friday, September 4, 2009

Down for the count

The Restless Chef is out today-- smoked by the fire, grilled by the heat, down on the floor gasping for breath, soon-to-be pickled by self-medication. I hope to have something tasty and entertaining up by Monday.


  1. Down 4 de count?
    My prescription 4 your recovery is some comfort food and your fav drinks.
    hen, see us on Monday morning!

  2. Dear CP and PIO:
    Thanks! I am safe, just cranky and grizzled. I look forward to the updated me, in just a few days--

  3. Hope you're pickled by now. I'm missing my sugar.

  4. Ciao Desiree. I hope it's all ok! I'll be waiting for your delicious posts. take care, statti bene.