Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Late to the balsamic vinegar party

More than twenty years ago Marcella Hazan urged Americans to sprinkle a bit of sugar on their strawberries, along with a dash of balsamic vinegar. Gradually this stuff climbed into menus and crept onto our kitchen tables.

I haven't been a fan of its sweetness in my vinaigrette, but it's in my pantry, waiting.

The other day I was eating a pretty nice peach. And I thought about the vinegar, and how I had never tried it on strawberries because the thought horrified me. Within a moments I had sliced the peach, sprinkled sugar on, let it macerate a minute, then added a splash of the balsamic vinegar.

What had I been afraid of? The result was a mouth popping combination. My daughter looked skeptically at it, sampled it, then begged for her own. Ah, what's next on the culinary experiment horizon?


  1. Lordy! That does sound delicious. Maga

  2. Ok. So why was it scary on strawberries but do-able on peaches?

  3. Thanks L and Annonie moose
    M-I. Don't. Know! Just throw me on the unworthy dining companion pile--

  4. I have a 5 year old bottle and a two day old peach. Should I?

  5. Live dangerously! Worst case scenario: you won't like it!

  6. ahahahah live dangerously is perfect ahahahah! But Karin, you have something good!