Friday, September 11, 2009

More book pairings

Why is an international best seller the mental equivalent of Ambien? Snoozeville? I'm plodding through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I suspected it would be mediocre, but it's just terrible. Riven with cliches, paragraph after paragraph of clunky exposition, with barely enough characterization to fill an espresso cup. Yikes!

And why all the accolades? Because it's set in Sweden? Harumph. This calls for reinforcements. Since the characters seem to enjoy clinking shot glasses and knocking back the Aquavit, well, then an Aquavit pairing menu might help us to get through the book.

You will need:

Shot glasses
Your favorite brand of freezer cold Aquavit

Spread cream cheese on
Dark whole grain bread
Top with chunks of
Smoked trout or slices of smoked salmon.

Need green?
Peel and slice cucumbers, sprinkle with red wine vinegar, salt, and a dash of oil.

Looking to host a party? Clear out a space in your freezer. Take an empty gallon milk container. Slice off the top third. Fill with water. Drop in greenery: rosemary, lavendar, green herbs, etc. Place in freezer. As the ice gets firmer, add your bottle of booze. Set overnight.

Run warm water over the plastic container. You will have a block of ice holder for your water of life. And it will stay frozen for the next round of shots. There. That was my Martha Stewart moment for you.


  1. I just remembered we have to get the relatives to smuggle in the real stuff. They don't export.

    That ice jug idea is brilliant.

  2. Ditto to the ice jug block. Very cool. (!)

  3. Yes, as a matter of fact, I do need green. Very funny, Chef.

  4. Do you place the bottle of booze in the tub or pour the bottle of booze into the tub?

    Also taking plastic quarts and cutting the upper third off (using pinking sheers) will make wonderful shades over large bulb christmas lights

  5. Wow - someone recommended that book for book club next year. I will have to wave people off!

  6. Karen--If you need reinforcements check out Alex Berenson's review in the NY Times. PA: delightful decorative advice. I place the bottle in the tub of water--but I suppose once it's solid with a frozen indentation you could pour the booze into that--hmm, may be worth trying.
    AH, M and LD: Thanks, ladies!

  7. Restless Dez, just try not to drink while blogging.

  8. One post at a time, CO, I take it one post at a time ;)

  9. OH DESIREE MIA, SKANE!!!!! You know, there my mother was a kid refugee in 1942, during the war. And each year we had that bottle from Skane, from Sweden!!!
    Thank you for the Martha Stewart moment ahahahah

  10. I-I'm gonna have to try it sometime, then--