Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More frugal and sustainable---

Monterey Bay Aquarium also recommends farm-raised rainbow trout as sustainable. Super King stocks bright-eyed specimens at low cost. (There must be a downside here, but it's hard to meet all demands.) What to do with a couple of glossy fish, complete with heads and tails?

Rinse your fish and pat dry. Sprinkle salt and pepper inside and out. I love aromatics, like thyme and rosemary, I add those, inside and out. Or you could use tarragon, and/or marjoram. Whatever mood you're in.

You could also score the skin, and press herbs into the exterior as well

Light your grill to medium. Place fish on grill. When the trout interior is getting a cooked-through look, turn your fish.

Guests (or you) can't bear the head, tails, et cetera? You can filet it at the grill. If it's too tough to filet, it's not cooked through yet. I think fish is best when still the tiniest bit opaque.
Sides for this hot hot day: My vote is grilled red peppers steeped in anchovies and garlic, a sliced tomato salad, and a delectable potato salad. Or pilaf, aioli, and tzatziki. Whatever you decide, I'll be enjoying it with a glass of chilled, crisp rose.


  1. What about bones? I eat a lot of fish, but I always like to get it fileted for me because I'm afraid of the bones.

  2. At the risk of sounding like a total idiot (always a risk I'm willing to take), how do you get the stuff inside the fish? Make him swallow?

  3. AH: You always make me laugh! The belly should be slit, to remove the guts and innards. Season that interior area.
    M: Full disclosure: bones. Yes. Although if you cook the fish right the flesh will pull off of the bones. Although there may be a stray one or two. Or more.

  4. Oh darn, I'm afraid removing guts and innards would be beyond me. Pretty fish, though.

  5. AH--Sorry! I meant it is already slit! Just season!