Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things I do not understand

 Surely, the list is infinite.  But in terms of cultural conventions, here are a couple of mine--
5) Twitter.  Why? Wherefore?  Who?
I love Alain de Bottin's tweets, but even he palls after awhile.  And how many twitter accounts can a human being actually follow? Care about?

4)Unlimited beer, wine, spirits and food events.  What are they thinking?  Everything goes better with a celebrity, I suppose.

3) County Fairs.  In September.

2) The death penalty, particularly for those with an IQ under 75.  (In a recent execution of a man with a 60 point IQ, a Texas spokesman said he had gamed the system, because in previous tests he had scored 70).

1) Chatting on cell phones in public loos.  It startled me the first time I witnessed it, eight years ago at Pasadena's Borders, it surprised me last week at Santa Monica.  Doesn't all that flushing detract from the conversation?

What about you?


  1. Why is it that people with southern accents are the only ones who have a direct line to god

  2. Not true, PA! This Dog, at least, has a direct hotline to God. And for that matter, to some of His Goddesses as well, and vice-versa.

    You may need to change your mobile carrier or make a move to get better reception.

    1. Then better tune into that line. Aug 16 - for our poet friend of the upper denas L.D. Our girls in trouble.

  3. PA: You pose an excellent query--I know I have a direct line to doubt, CP:fascinating solution!

  4. Soooo many things. Chatting on cell phones while hiking. Even chatting in person while hiking I find very odd. But that's small change. How about people who sneer at others who have had nose jobs while they themselves spent their teen years with braces on their teeth.

  5. I tweeted this.

    I did.

    Apparently I'm not following you, though, Des, I couldn't find you.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is still pretty much baffled by Twitter. And, cell phones in public restrooms - right there with you. I'm glad my gym is pretty good about making people get off the cell while they're working out. And, loud conversations on phones in restaurants?

  7. Bec: Cell phones require their own post. Or is it their own circle in hell?
    PB: I thought you were ribbing me--until I looked your twitter account up!

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