Sunday, August 12, 2012

Strawberry Daquiris

In this heat we're sticking low to the ground, and rising only for something cold and frosty.

Hull one half pound of strawberries.  Macerate in a tablespoon of sugar for ten minutes.
In your blender add a cup of crushed ice, the macerated strawberries, and three ounces of rum or vodka.  Blend.

Serve in frosty cocktail glasses and hide near the air conditioner vent.
Or, skip the ethanol and start your day berry berry  happily.


  1. Ah, yesterdays post! Our hillside's electricity went out around 2:00pm. And it stayed out till 2:00 am. It's bad enough that we don't have air conditioning but to be without fans? If I had mosquito repellent, I would have slept outside.

  2. PB: It is, and not too heavily seasoned, either. ;)
    PA: That is sheer hell. Get yourself to the mall, the movies, Rite Aid, or 24 cafes. And buy the $%# repellent!

  3. Oh,mthat does sound refreshing,