Friday, August 17, 2012

Some Assembly Required

But no cooking!

You will need:
canned artichoke bottoms
canned crab or shrimp
a hard boiled egg (per person)
sliced tomatoes.

Per person:

Place two artichoke bottoms on the plate.
Mix shrimp or crab with a little Russian dressing (a dollop of mayonnaise, and a splash of ketchup for color).
Spoon onto artichoke bottoms.  Garnish with sliced egg and tomatoes.

Classy.  I used to have this often as a first course in France.  Now if I could only remember its name!

You know, the French  really excel at the no-cook dining experiences.  Their charcuteries are marvels of freshly prepared cold salads, waiting in cool cases to be ordered, snatched up, and devoured with a slice of pate, ham, and a crispy baguette.  Celeri remoulade, caviar d'aubergine (took me ages to realize that is baba ganoush).   What are your no-cook go tos?


  1. No-cook and no-cooking, on my part at least, are my fav dining experiences!

    Whole Foods is 1st place which comes to mind around here.

  2. TJ's spicy tahinni wrap or TJ's sushi, fuji apple with peanut butter

  3. PA: Excellent recommendations--love a fuji apple---

  4. Good tomato with salt and pepper. Heaven.