Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The New Epicure's Epicenter

According to Bon Appetit, is the town where I live.  If you click the link and read the story, you will think that Altadena is monochromatic, and filled with hipsters.  Nothing inherently wrong about monochromatic hipsters, but it's certainly not the place I've chosen to live.

Surely the quote "Altadena is our Brooklyn" is a stab at humor?  Has the author ever been to either Altadena OR Brooklyn?

But then again, what am I thinking?  Everything is airbrushed and made commercially pretty for a slick magazine.

If you want to meet a true locavore, visit Christopher Nyerges.


  1. That's true, Des, I've taken Chris's seminar - years ago - and he pretty much defines the term.

    And you're right, Altadena is no Brooklyn, nor vice versa!

  2. I say lucky you. No one is calling my hometown hip.

  3. Ahh, I coulda been a deener. Actually, I was very interested in a cabin that sits behind the unfinished Gulag (before the Gulag got it's start) North side of Villa Zanita st. The deal breaker occurred when I drove up the street and discovered WTF happened to that old tuberculosis hospital. Chances of keeping a cat from being flattened went down significantly.

    But since the 710 came strutting into my hood, I'm thinking I might of made a boo boo.

  4. I can tell I'm going to get sick of the word locavore any second now. Wait ... (one, two, three)... done.

  5. AH: it SO bugs me!! And it's so ethnocentric. What is Iowa or Idaho or Maine supposed to do in February?
    PA: I need a photo essay for context!
    M: You've got Buster's, Nicole's, you used to have the Rialto...

  6. PS-Karen--lucky you! I think I remember you mentioning it--

  7. Yikes PI!
    Are you saying we're having a Jonathan Franzen