Saturday, August 18, 2012


For years I've wanted to live inside the pages of a sleek, glossy magazine, filled with perfectly coiffed people, with all musses and disasters cropped out of sight and existence.

Being a part of a reality show has never interested me. (No, nobody's asked, either). Oh the vulgarity!  The drawma!  The fake eyelashes, heavy makeup and high heels!

I've decided that what I really need is a skilled novelist shaping my story arc, giving it layers, depth, unexpected plot twists, and an emotionally resonant and satisfying ending that brings the house down with epiphanies and spiritual awakenings.  That's right.  But not too much drama, okay? And let's take plenty of time building to the ending, shall we?  In fact, let's have the ending more of a threshold to a whole new adventure.

Mid-life crisis as the new bildungsroman.

Interviews begin next week.


  1. Oh happy! To be included in such excellent company is divinve. I'm grateful for the bildungsroman definition. That was a new word for me.

  2. The series Seven Up. The perfect bildungsroman. I saw my first one at the Rialto back in the 80's. Bet it's time for another if any of the participants are still willing to do it.

  3. Bildungsroman. I like that.

    Also liked Seven Up. You can buy the series on Amazon. They just made another one this year: 56 Up. The director is Michael Apted.

    I'll read the novel of your life, Desiree, and you're just the skilled novelist to write it.

  4. Seven up's a great pick--
    P: Hah! I should have asked, which novelist do you want to write your autobiography?
    Dickens? Duras? Scheherazade?

  5. Pick Scheherazade - she could charm the pants off a serial killer

  6. Scheherazade might just be the one. It wouldn't be me, I can't write autobiographically because I'm soooo not objective.