Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can we do it?

More motivational thinking here.  I trend heavily to self-help; my husband is fond of wryly saying I don't limit it to "self."

What are your motivating tools?


  1. I attended a Bahai Fireside meeting last night at a home on Madison (french regency decor and orange velvet couches -heaven). The speaker, a former priest from Germany, whom for the last 15 years, has been the resident psychologist for the Chino Women's prison. That was fascinating and inspiring.

  2. Your husband is a quick wit

    Finished the article

    When I give a presentation I ask myself all sorts of questions on that line, because the last thing you want to find yourself is "stumped" in front of an audience.

    "entrepreneurs in particular, face an occupational hazard that Gansky calls "breathing your own exhaust. When you create something, you can fall in love with it and aren't able to see or hear anything contrary. Whatever comes out of your mouth is all you're inhaling."

    The above is the personal true danger. I want to throw everything into the stew, and have a real difficult time editing down. I fight suggestions (inhaling my own gas) and partly because any time you say yes publicly, it's binding. But truthfully, incoming ideas need time to percolate, and often I will see their wisdom and co-op them.

    Did I get off topic? Avoiding going to the studio to work. Next subject, inertia

  3. PA! Love your thoughtful responses--want to hear more about Ba'hai--am doing some work with prisons this fall semester--

  4. Good to see you writing regularly again, Restless Dez! What motivated you to be a daily blogger?

  5. I am so interested in PA's comments. I start it sniveling, full of self doubt. Then I usually have to slap myself and get on with things.

  6. Honestly? Honestly? I don't say this to be glib: right now I am motivated by you and by Margaret. I'm excited by the examples you've both shown me. I'm also motivated by the idea that when I reach out and ask for help I get it. It's a miracle! I suppose one of these days I'll get my hand slapped but so far, folks have been nothing but generous. I haven't always known about that.

  7. So sweet, Petrea. Let's take on the world---