Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Thirty Day Challenge

Thanks to my buddy I was exposed to yet another TED talk, although this should be filed under TED lite, as it was three minutes instead of the usual 20.  His premise is quite simple, you want to stretch a bit, try something new and keep it up for 30 days.

But what, I pondered.  Try a new recipe each day for 30 days?  I already cook, does that count?
Post 30 days straight?  Hmmm, something new, something borrowed, something blew--

Y'all got any ideas?  The world is our oyster, every now and then.  What new experience would you be willing to commit 30 days to?


  1. You could learn to juggle. If that doesn't appeal to you, what about ceramics? You could take a class at Monrovia Adult Education. Registration starts August 11th.

    Ok, not interested? how about memorizing a pithy quote. One a day. Include something from Erma Bombeck

  2. I love a pithy quote a day. What about you, PA? What would you trial run for 30 days?

  3. Hmmmm. This sounds awfully hard. One more obligation. Hmmmm. Did I mention this sounds hard.

  4. I have a desire to play the ukulele. They offer a class at the McGroarty art center.

  5. M: Perhaps it is hard because you already do so dang much. I would wager you've met the 30day quota of doing something new, simply by promoting your book.
    You don't need another obligation. How about a playful pact--

    PA: 30 days of ukelele! When's the open air concert?
    No pressure--

  6. Des, I like this. I don't know if it's for you, though, or for PA, or Margaret, or me. You pointed out that Margaret does so much; I don't know if you all are like me but I never think I do enough and yet I work seven days a week, almost nonstop, and I don't want to tell you how long it's been since I've had a vacation.

    But I'll tell you what I'm doing for 30 days, which I'd better do forever: exercise bike for 15 minutes when I get up, before anything, even before coffee. Argh.

  7. P: I guess I just like the possibilities. 15 minutes is great!