Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Countdown

Where will you be on the day?  Right now my family is playing hot potato, delaying the decision until some neurotic A personality (moi) can no longer bear the suspense and comes down hard.

In the meantime, make something for the morning that will suffuse your home with scents of gratitude.

Pumpkin bread pudding with salty caramel sauce.
Inspired by the Little Flower Co.

Cube stale challah or brioche, enough for five cups.  Set out to dry further.
In a larger mixing bowl combine:
One egg
1/2 teaspoon cinammon, 1/4 teaspoon allspice or mace, a smattering of nutmeg and a crush of cloves.
Stir in a cup of half and half, half a cup brown sugar, half a can pumpkin puree (plain, unseasoned).
Mix well.

Stir in the cubed bread, and let it soak in for 10 minutes or so.  Pour into a buttered 8 x 8 pan.
Bake in 350 degree oven until firm all the way through, 30-45 minutes.  Remove and cool until you can no longer contain yourself.

While it's baking, make the salty caramel sauce.  The best recipe in the world for this is right here.
The secret? DON'T STIR it while it's coming to a boil!

Your family will thank you.  And if they don't, eat the whole damn thing yourself.
Not up to the challenge? There's always caramel corn for breakfast--


  1. I'm dying to make this - and I could eat it all by myself I'm sure (but a tad ashamed to admit). We'll be in Connecticut at my cousin's house!

  2. THAT is why I'm alway sure to invite additional appreciate guests--never leave me alone with the stuff! Connecticut sounds dreamy.

  3. When I think of salted caramel I think of Little Flower. That's the first place I had it.

    I'm never sure what to do for Thanksgiving. I like the sentiment but don't like a big meal and a crowd for some reason. Maybe a hike, or a photo safari.

  4. I also 1st had salted caramels from Little Flower of W.Colorado- at Euro Pane of E. Colorado! The LF owner is friends with, and used to work for, the EP owner.

    My idea for Thanksgiving, or any "traveling" holyday, I think my regular blog readers know. Suffice to say: I like to actually treat it like a vacation, a day-off of R & R. But I do love big, as in Tasty, meals

    Btw, consider me an additional appreciative guest here on your blog.

  5. CP! You got it--
    P: I see, you're channeling Greta Garbo--

  6. I do like bread pudding. We will be at my mother in laws. It will very low key but sweet.

  7. I saw this show the other night on Nova all about the chemistry of food. How and why meat cooks dry or stuffing goes to mush. How to break up fibers in meat. Why certain people are super tasters according to the amount of taste buds they have. It was fascinating until I had nightmares about my cats ending up in a slaughter house with some project manager who looked a lot like the architect we were working with. oh vey.

  8. Oh dear! A friend of mine claims she's a super taster, but since she essentially consumes a diet of junk food, I'm skeptical

  9. I am, too. I suspect I am one and my doctor agrees; it ties into migraines for some reason and makes a lot of foods unpalatable, not to mention smells. Certain junk foods are tasty, but some are just too strong.