Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sexier than a Psychopath?

What could be? Who could be?
It's a hot hot hot topic, between the tv series (Dexter) the movie (7 Psychopaths)
the mysteries (your pick) and the elections (oops!). 
Kevin Dutton is cashing in--on his topic, his research, and our thirst for knowing all the lurid details.  An energetic, entertaining and engaging speaker,  along with his Michael Palinesque intonation, he gave the Cal Tech audience a terrific talk.

Want to read some of his stuff on line?
Here and here.

Interested in an extended interview?
Try this.

Then let me know your thoughts.

Happy Halloween.


  1. How did you learn about it, him. Sounds pretty esoteric.

  2. Skeptics lecture. I hate the entire lecture format, but this guy was quite entertaining.

  3. Ever listened to Radio Lab? Karen Klein and I are big fans. Here's a related episode you might enjoy

  4. I'm going through this now. I get Skeptic e-mails but I never really look. Maybe if I tweet them - better chance

  5. I dunno--they're usually dry stuff which I flee from--let me know if something pays off.