Friday, October 19, 2012

5 Reasons to Drown Yourself in Halloween Candy

5.  The presidential debates.

4.   Global warming.

3.   The economy.

2.   You're easily annoyed.

1.  The anthology that solicited your short story rejected your submission.

What are your reasons, gentle reader, and your candy of choice?


  1. I like Carver Carmels. I also like butter finger bars

  2. 1. Bickering offspring. 2. Too many papers to grade. 3. No time to write. In case of such frustrations, eat chocolate. I'm pretty easy about the chocolate. Basically any chocolate will do.

  3. Because I've got taste, I'll steer clear of candy corn and whatever anthology it was that rejected your story.

  4. The anthology that solicited your short story rejected your submission........

    I'm sorry to hear this

  5. Your public understands. I'm biting my nails over a similar possibility. Hand me the candy corn.

  6. 1. The whining kids at home. 2. The whining college students at work. 3. Because I'm pregnant. Mini 3 Musketeers or Milky Way or peanut m & ms

  7. P: I wish you better luck than me, and look forward to the details.
    B: I've never figured out which is MORE annoying--my kids acting like entitled college kids, or entitled college kids acting like they're clueless kids. Congratulations on the pregnancy--good heavens your plate is full--I shall join you in peanut M &Ms in solidarity!