Sunday, October 14, 2012

External Validation

Know Camille Paglia, that brilliant feminist provocateur?
She, too, loves the "Real Housewives of New Jersey."
Scroll through here to find her take on it.
Don't bother me tonight, Episode 3 of the reunion is on.

Whew!  And here I thought I was low brow.


  1. Gosh - loved Sexual Personae. At the time of it's publication, she was attacked for her viewpoints. But I thought, at a time of incredible political pressure, she went against the grain and said some damn brave stuff. She defended Madonna and Elizabeth Taylor

  2. I remember the Naomi Wolf challenges but I also remember another woman who had a rather LARGE tome based on feminism (early 90's) ...a name like Fulicia you remember her?

    This from an earlier conversation I never got back to you on. It's a really interesting article covering process, style, biography, demons, religion etc. I'd be curious as to what you think.

    1. Whoah! Looking forward to the link.
      You're thinking of Susan Faludi--and I thought her book Backlash was great. I'm not sure it remains current/relevant.