Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Thanksgiving

Really?  You still haven't figured out the menu?
Enter the NY Times, always ready with a wry hand up, here.

I clearly need that freedom software, as I've been amusing myself for sometime with this.


  1. I like the Thanksgiving-erator, but it misunderstands me. I want butternut squash cannoli but I don't want to juice my own squash. I wonder where I can buy butternut squash juice, or better yet, butternut squash cannoli?

    (I should buy the freedom software, but I'm not going to.)

  2. AND I am always grateful to the first commentator, who raises me from the awkward "No comments" to 1.

  3. Des, I am sometimes reduced to begging my husband to comment on the blog.

  4. Freedom software -- et tu? Let my people go.

  5. P: I remain skeptical!
    AH: All right, I see you're leaning on Orwell--
    "Freedom is Slavery"---

  6. What is freedom software? I'm confused. Do I have to learn something else? I'm too tired...

  7. Des - I'm making your pumpkin bread pudding recipe for thanksgiving so I'm all set!

  8. Oh Bec, I hope you enjoyed it! The caramel sauce will make anything better--
    M: Freedom software is something to keep writers off-line while they're creating.