Sunday, November 4, 2012

Radio David Byrne

A few weeks ago, after an all-day board meeting, a group of us walked out of our hotel and past another on Shelter Island, San Diego.   People had brought their camping chairs, parking themselves on the public greenbelt.  Why? I wondered--then realized to listen to the music that wafted out of the concert venue, free of charge.  David Byrne was performing, that very moment!  I pointed this out to my companions.

Who? They said.
WHO? I said.  Ever hear of the Talking Heads?

For those of you who are familiar with this fellow, you may not know he broadcasts a play list he composes, new each month.  You can find it here.  I've enjoyed going through the archives, just to see what music tickles this musician, and see if I recognize a few of my own favorites.


  1. I love Humphreys . . . time for a trip to SD.

  2. Major Byrne fan. He did a great compilation of Brazilian music, back in the 90's, I think. Will definitely check your link.

  3. To not know of David Byrne is to be missing out.

  4. Great photo. I biggafied. Across the way from my sister in Point Loma.

  5. remember that 2 piece suit he made out of astro turf?

  6. I was really shocked they didn't know him, they were my contemporaries, or older, and I came late to Talking Heads and Astroturf, lucky sister, PA to be living in that part of the world--