Monday, November 19, 2012

Anne Lamott Gives Thanks

I love her.  I loved Bird by Bird and Traveling Instructions. Vulnerable, painfully sensitive,
with an explosive sense of humor.

She gives thanks here and here.

 Oh, and I shall give a little thanks.  We are 23 years married today.


  1. What a great topic. And love the grandma line. Not that I have to drag myself into every conversation, but to drag myself into the conversation, my parents were closet atheists. The only one who said grace was my brother when he was very little, and that's because he was so cute. Erik sang, "The lord is good to me/and so I thank the lord/for giving me the things I need/the sun the rain and the apple tree..." and I think there was one more line to wrap this all up.

    Grace is a nice tradition. Bedtime prayers are another matter, especially the one that has, "if I should die before I wake," a concept that horrifies me to this day.

  2. Happy anniversary, Des and Barry.

    I am reverent without a god, or I could say, I have a god that is made of my own reverence.

  3. Thanks, P-
    AH: Last line same as first--
    Gratitude--it's a good thing.

  4. Kudos! do you remember the day you met?

    I'll have to go back and read - got through the shorter of the two. Lucky she to be raised by interesting atheists. Grass is always greener yada yada