Monday, November 26, 2012

Death By Turkey

In our home, leftovers are gobbled up quickly and gratefully  (no cooking involved!).
This year I did not host, but was rewarded with ziploc bags of leftovers.  We headed over to another home for a second dessert pit stop (always room for coffee and  homemade pecan pie)  where our hostess couldn't say goodbye without giving us half a dozen white takeout boxes filled with her delectable leftovers.  (She uses the turkey carcass for soup stock.  Mine goes pope's nose first into the trash bin.  She's a real woman, I'm a mere pretender).

The first go-to is always a turkey sandwich, slathered with mayonnaise.
My brother-in-law's favorite is always a stuffing sandwich, skip the turkey.

Here are a few more ideas for shredded turkey:

5) Turkey pot pie.  (Do yourself a favor and use Pillsbury's instant rolls to drop on top--you're tired, after all).

4) Turkey quesadillas

3) Turkey enchiladas ( I recommend Las Palmas green sauce. Yes, you MUST fry the tortillas before you dip them in the sauce)

2) Turkey risotto: add chopped turkey to your favorite risotto recipe.  Throw in some sliced sausage, for savory flavor.

1) Turkey mole, my family's favorite.  No need t0 bring out the Rick Bayless cook book.  Just pick up a jar of Dona Maria mole mixture, adding a smidge of peanut butter and a chunk of Ibarra Mexican chocolate to taste.

And you?  Any other interesting twists?

What? You gonna pretend you don't like sweet and savory?  Perhaps you've never tried barbecue?


  1. See, that is what I call cooking smarts for the rest of us. Buy stuff pre-cooked and then make it better with other pre-cooked stuff. I have purchased that mole but would never have thought to put in peanut butter and mexican chocolate.

    Had a great time the other night. You have the best couches and cupcakes

  2. Excellent suggestions that I doubt I'll ever make. Usually I'm pretty darned sick of turkey after Thanksgiving and am only good for a sandwich or two and maybe some soup that I freeze and throw out six months later.

  3. Turkey risotto. Definitely.

    Roberta put up a recipe here:

    Turkey's fine, but I like her idea for Cornish game hen for Thanksgiving.

  4. Merci, PA--
    AH: Turkey wears on me rather quickly, too--
    Sounds great, PB--she can invite me over anytime.

  5. Alas, we did not get any turkey leftovers. No stuffing either. I am devestated.

  6. But more than compensated by pie!