Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Count down

Fan Girl.  Complete and utter.  I picked up a copy of Lee Child's first Reacher novel Killing Floor years back when he appeared in the flesh at a So Cal Mystery Writer's convention.  That was when I developed my addiction.

The past couple of years he's appeared at Vroman's, and I've done my good duty by paying full price for the hardcover (and in the process, being able to chat with him for about 30 seconds, and getting my name scrawled in his handwriting).  Sigh. Those were the days.  Now, apparently he's spurned Pasadena, and I, long after I should have, have added my name to the long book request list at the library.  Although the novel's been out since May, and the library's got 20 copies of it, it's been sloooow making its way to me.  Today my copy is in transit to my chosen library, and I can't wait.  So it's time to stock up on provisions, because once I get it in my hands, I'm not moving!


  1. Congratulations. Tell us your pairings for this one.

  2. Hard to devise a summer menu for a book that looks freezing as well as claustrophobic (snowed in). Ice wine? Chilled beer? But since I want to be alert to enjoy every twist and each syllable I will go with the standby:
    cookies and milk.

  3. I tried to eat this book but it tasted terrible. What an awful recommendation.