Thursday, June 3, 2010


Demand two things: dessert and champagne.

My kid, my daughter, my first born, is graduating from high school.  This passing of time is like a torrent rushing by me more than anything else. And so, to alleviate the bittersweet, to sweep away, or at least aside, the sorrow, I will serve bottles of bubbly and three of her favorite desserts : lemon pudding, cocoa cake and mud pie.

Perhaps just a little more sugar to keep away the salty tears---


  1. Bubbly and three desserts - now that's a celebration! It's good to be reminded of all of the sweets I meant to make.

  2. Congratulations to her--and you. We're starting K this fall, and I'm beside myself, realizing she's in the chute and not coming up for air until she's 18. Sigh.

  3. Congratulations to Simone! She's hitting the big time and the Big Apple this fall, right? How exciting for all of you. :-)

    Linda, the chute really starts sliding once they hit first grade and are gone most of the day. It's back to school, then winter break, then spring break, summer, back to school ...

    Before you know it, junior high rolls around, then high school, and then they're off! So enjoy your K year and then brace yourself. The school years are fun if you have the time to get involved. I wouldn't have missed all that for anything.

    I have both kids/young men this summer, and I am determined to enjoy it even if the house is a mess and I have to run the dishwasher every fricking day! ;-)

  4. Congratulations, Desiree. I can only imagine what you feel, of course. I watch this in our neighborhood as the children we've come to love are growing all around us, and new children are born, and the cycle continues. We feel privileged to be a part of it in our neighborly way but of course it's not the same.

  5. The absent uncleJune 14, 2010 at 9:26 PM

    Mazel Tov! I was there, in spirit. I raise my glass to you & my lovely niece: "To the spirit of the past, which informs our future, and to the promise of the future, which is without measure or limit."

  6. David--lurvely! Let us know the details of your next visit/romp