Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mud slides? Mud pie!

(No, this is not my photo)

Okay, so the title may be in poor taste, the the dessert is not!
You will need:
20 Oreos, crushed. To that add half a stick of melted butter, and a tablespoon of coffee grounds. Mix well and smear it across the bottom of a buttered glass pie pan, making your cookie crust.

One quart chocolate ice cream ( I do love Breyer's) slightly softened. One tablespoon instant coffee dissolved in 1 tablespoon hot water, now cooled. Add the coffee mixture to one large container of Cool Whip, or similar synthetic topping. Mix in gently.

Now comes the tricky part: Using a hand mixer, soften further the ice cream, then hand fold in the Cool Whip/coffee mixture. Spread into your pie crust. Top with thick chocolate syrup and chopped walnuts, if you like. Place in freezer until the filling has set (an hour or so). Serves one happy family. (They're all alike, you know).


  1. Don't care much for coffee in desserts (but I do like Tolstoy).

  2. Now I know why Mud pies have never been attractive to me.

    Butt, I do like the idea of coffee in desserts!

  3. I love mud pie. Question: Can I use whipped cream? Must it be cool whip?

  4. No pleasin' everyone ;)
    M-YES must be the kind of stuff the freezes puffy and solid--in other words, Cool Whip. Although, in honor of you and AH it should be Cool Quip--

  5. Oh my god this sounds good. You must be some kind of genius.

  6. P: No, not a genius (she said, with her best Uriah Heep humility) just a girl with an eye for a good recipe--