Friday, February 5, 2010

For Local Readers

I've become a great fan of Colorado Wine Company in Eagle Rock. There's a stylish dark room in the back where you can swirl and sip by the glass. Once or twice after work I've stopped by to pick up a bottle, and if it was one of their wines on offered by the glass I was given a sample before purchasing. (Those are the taste tests I appreciate most.) Not to mention the fact their featured wines often run under $10, and on Fridays there's an additional offering of nibbles.

My sister and I recently dropped by to buy a bottle and paid a corkage fee of $5 (waived on Wednesdays). We thought we'd stop at a glass a piece. Instead we worked our way through Cazar's Pinot Noir and left the place suffused with even more sisterly love and devotion.


  1. At the very least, a sentimental one...

  2. I just saw Steph's picture on something else and I can't remember what it was. Something about the radio show...

    You two would be fun to kill bottles of wine with.

  3. I've got a cheap red wine for you to try. (Not to imply you drink cheap red wine, but this is the food column.) Il Valore Sangiovese at Trader Joe's. Not bad.

  4. AH: Uh oh, this could be the start of something big--
    P: She's fun even without the wine! (Me, I tend towards surly)

  5. I observe a latte blogger's around here drink alcohol, I mean, wine. It must bee de economy.