Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Restless Des:

I am growing tomatillos for the first time ever. The plant I picked up on a whim has taken off and is loaded with blossoms.

I've never cooked with them. Ideas?
                                                                           -- super savvy

Super easy, chica--remove the papery skin, boil until soft, drain.  In a small skillet pan roast a few cloves of garlic, until the skin is dark.  Remove skin. In a blender, add cooked tomatillos, charred garlic, a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar and a slice of onion, now blend.  You now have a raw green salsa.  Once blended, you can also cook it down in a skillet slicked with a little bit of oil.  There!
I'd serve it with quesadillas.  Top your fish tacos.  Or, if you're ambitious, use it for your enchilada sauce.


  1. Ah-ha: Salsa verde!!

    Who knew? (I should have, actually.)

    I'm definitely going to do this once the fruit sets. 2010 - The summer of green salsa!

    Any idea how to tell when it's ripe or at least ready to pick?

  2. I am completely stumped there--and, btw, I envy and admire your gardening expertise

  3. Um. How does one tell the difference between charred garlic and burnt garlic?

  4. Details, details!
    Heat a skillet. Drop UN skinned cloves of garlic on hot pan. Turn occasionally, till brown or blackened. Don't worry, the skin comes off!

  5. Thanks, Desiree. I need to do some garden blogging. This year's crop is going to be bumper!

  6. If the salsa verde is good, I'll set aside a jar for you!

  7. This sounds delish. You should change your name to Des Delish.