Friday, June 11, 2010

Bali Hai

"South Pacific" has hit the Music Center to wide and critical acclaim.  What, can't pop for the Gold Star discounted tickets?  Dontcha worry, I got a recipe that will get you there, fast.

Makes one Mai Tai:
one shot dark rum
one shot coconut rum
1/2 cup pineapple/orange juice
a splash of grenadine for color.

Pour over crushed ice in a tall glass, garnish with pineapple spear, a maraschino cherry, or a cocktail umbrella.  A coupla these and you'll be humming "Bali Hai" all night long.


  1. I am such a sucker for musicals. But then, I'm as corny as Kansas in August.

  2. Good thing you're in love with a wonderful guy!

  3. Cynthia went with her dad to see South Pacific, but I'd rather sip a Mai Tai.

  4. Oh bloody hell, you had me googling lyrics. Didn't find anything that wasn't disturbing.

    "I expect everyone of my crowd to make fun
    Of my proud protestations of faith in romance,
    And they'll say I'm naïve as a babe to believe
    Every fable I hear from a person in pants."


  5. Oh, wait, wrong song.. . I must have been hanging back with Susan, and mixing the drinks...

  6. I'm just a girl who cain't say no...

    You're right, Hiker.

  7. Petrea took a hard right turn and ended up in Ok LA aich oh em ay

  8. Careful, HIker! People will say we're in cahoots.

  9. I remember seeing So Pacific at the Pasadena Civic back in the last century. This was way before it became popular & "hit the Music Center to wide and critical acclaim."

    It's good SP is finally becoming well known. Soon, those across the country may also hear about this!

  10. CP--
    but of COURSE you're ahead of the curve, while Petrea took a right turn at Albuquerque..