Friday, May 15, 2009

Mojito Madness

When life gives you mint, make mojitos. Summer is here, sitting on the patio, or porch, listening to music at Memorial or Farnsworth Park, life is here now!

Let us drink to Calypso and celebrate!

You will need:

Fresh squeezed lime juice
Superfine sugar or simple syrup
Soda water

In a tall glass muddle mint and superfine sugar. I love the muddling process: it releases the oils in the mint and mashes sugar against its leaves. Add an ounce of lime juice, a shot of rum, lots of ice. Add soda water, a splash of simple syrup if you like, and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Sip, savor, enjoy. Summer is here.


  1. Gee, this drink is practically free to make (assuming you grow your own mint and limes).

    Sure beats paying $10 to $15 at a bar.

    Question: If I use simple syrup, how much?

  2. Good question. To taste, dear Susan. I hope you won't consider it a hardship, mixing, tasting, then adding a bit more rum, mixing, tasting, hmm, perhaps a little more mint, and just a smidgen more rum...

  3. I donate my mint to the girl scouts.

  4. Best mojito I ever had was at Border Grill when it was in Pasadena. And then it closed. Bummer.

  5. Lucky girl scouts!
    Pio: Never tried Border Grill's, but Xiomara's, with their sugar cane juiced to order, made me swoon. The $10 made my eyes pop (so, I guess it was some time back). I don't plan on heading to the surviving Xiomara on Melrose, though, to satisfy that craving.

  6. My all time favorite cocktail . . . summer in a glass. Thanks for the recipe.