Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Retro menus

How can you not love a pop star who has a hit single named after you? And my dark secret is, I loved him even before that; I remember singing "Sweet Caroline" for glee club, and being quite happy about it. This year my mother's day gift was a compilation, replacing a former greatest hits cd that disappeared. I guess after the thousandth time someone got tired of it.

In any case, despite the UB40 and Smash Mouth covers, Neil Diamond conjures the 70s, and in the words of my husband, those who forget the 70s are doomed to repeat it; memories of junior high school (when they called it that) and scary movies on Saturday nights.

A typical menu to accompany the movie on Fright Night:

Doritos and sour cream
To mix it up, my mother mixed canned pickled jalapenos in the sour cream. Quite a spicy surprise.

Phone in a pizza! I wish I could remember the name of the delivery spot in Lynwood.
My favorite was sausage and mushrooms.

And guzzle strawberry Crush. Well named.

What's your favorite retro menu?


  1. For some reason, my two brothers and dad were out of the house, and my mom served me my favorite lunch: a Swanson's chicken pot pie, washed down with an RC Cola and a Hostess cupcake for dessert.

    Oh, and did you know that our dog Betty is one degree of separation from Neil Diamond? Our former dog sitter claims that Neil slept in her bed, as did Betty.

  2. LOVE Swanson's pot pies--good to know we're not food snobs. Okay, clarification--did Neil sleep in the bed at the same time as the baby sitter?

  3. I just saw Neil Diamond last month. Let me tell you: this photo is not the same man, unless you photo re-touched it a brunch. Frankly, the above pic looks more like me than the singer I saw last month.

  4. CO: it's from the 70s! I imagine we all look quite different from then-

  5. Ha! No, Neil and Betty did not occupy the bed at the same time.

    Betty (and CO) both look a little like the young ND.

  6. I vote for tuna casserole, which my unworthy dining companions won't touch. Make my Crush grape, make my chips ruffles, and for dessert, how about Ho Hos.

  7. Ah, Crush! When they made it with sugar, and not corn syrup. Who can resist a tuna casserole? Okay, you are challenged by your dining companions