Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers and Other Strangers

I am an equal opportunity celebrant. We've hosted Hannukah, Passover, Christmas, St Patrick's Day parties, Bastille day parties, and yes, I've even hosted Mother's Day brunches. So why, why why does this Sunday's fill me with dread? Why am I considering adding hemlock to my favorite cup of coffee?

Greeting card holidays get my goat, and this, pardon me, is the mother of them all. Add to that my mother, my mother-in-law, the fact that I am a mother and I'm just one woman short of being drawn and quartered. Far too many directions to be pulled. Three too many women set up for unrealizable expectations followed by disappointment. Then, there's the little fact that on my first Mother's Day my husband got me a car duster. I guess life really is not a DeBeers commercial.

Two years ago I called in sick on Mother's Day, and settled in for hours on my son's Wi, revisiting Super Mario and his brother Luigi. It was memorable.
This year I'm planning on calling in sick again. An X-Men marathon with my kids should be just the ticket. My concession to the holiday? I think I'll have my son make the popcorn.


  1. This is an especially witty one. Have fun.

  2. Your husband got you a Car Duster for Mom's Day?! Lucky you: your husband remembered your Big Day!

  3. Great post and even better idea about calling in sick!

  4. Kiddos--I'm sorry it took me so long to respond--I was dusting off my car--in between the flicks