Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How many menus does one tiny party need?

A friend recently invited me to his wedding in Peru. Hmm, travel, adventure, and friendship vs. finances? Sorry, friend, I have to pass. Thanks to the INS he has returned to So Cal, minus Peruvian wife. (That ought to be a year or two, the officials consoled him). But there has to be a celebration, right? I invite him and our group of friends to my veranda.

Menu 1. My little mind starts clicking. Easy: Italian cold cuts, wonderful olive bread, all from Roma Deli, burrata followed by a meaty lasagna or a baked pasta with meat sauce, salad, and cocoa cake. Simple.

I email friend for a) beverage of choice, and b) any food issues I might not know of.
He answers a) Champagne.
Great! As long as it doesn't have to come from France.
b) Go easy on the meat.

Damn. Scratch that menu.

Menu 2. But chicken's not meat, right? Mind whirs again, now it's middle eastern, with lebne, tabbouleh, home made hummus, along with a Greek salad, mountains of pita bread, and chicken kebabs.

Pescado, por favor, my friend writes.


Menu 3. To start: little bites, chips and guacamole. Aioli, harissa, and seafood paella. We'll stick with the cocoa cake for afters.

If the rice in the paella has to be brown, it's time for Domino's.

And as a reward for reading through all of that, starving reader, I give you

Essence of avocado guacamole:

Take as many avocados as available. Slice in half, scoop flesh into bowl. Season to taste with garlic salt, add a sprinkling of minced onion. Mash to the desired consistency, drop an avocado pit in for authenticity. Devour.

Preview: Monday's recipe is paella.


  1. I always think that half the fun is planning the menu, so you've had triple the fun so far.

    Don't you just love that word "veranda"? Anything eaten or sipped on a veranda tastes great. Maybe even three times as great.

  2. You're right, Susan, I'm just braggin'
    heh heh heh