Friday, May 22, 2009

Frugal Frivolity

What does the Restless Chef do between meals? Scours her inbox for restaurant deals. I'm already lusting after this one at Kendall's in the Music Center and this Gourmet Happy Hour at Fraiche, although Culver City is so blinking far from Altadena.

Too far to drive on a lazy Saturday afternoon? There's always Magnolia on Lake, whose happy hour starts at 4:30 and then a short toddle over to Le Petit Vendome for a little wine tasting. They used to do one dollar pours on Saturdays, but now they moved that to Thursday night. They have a very tempting cheese and pate selection to go with their delightful wines.

Sunday seems pretty parched for happy hours, but after a weekend of mole prep I love to clamber onto a high stool at Ruth's Chris. They have terrific deals on drinks and little bites, and it runs on Sunday! Oh dear, I think I'm getting thirsty--maybe this weekend I won't cook at all.
Do you have any favorite deals you're willing to share?


  1. It looks like de RC either pops outta cakes or cocktail glasses?! Only in btween meals of course.

  2. Dearest Restless Chef: Please don't make me go there, otherwise I will be forced to reveal our Friday tradition of $5 Subway sandwiches. Sigh.

  3. We love Le Petit Vendome . . . when we can find a babysitter. Great local spot and don't miss it when Debbie makes pizzas.

  4. I'm itching to get over to the Happy Hour at Fraiche. Culver City (unlike Beverly Hills or the Melrose area) is freeway close, so it's a snap to get there.

    It seems like all the really great happy hours have evaporated. Remember when La Maschera was pouring glasses of wine for 50% off? They quickly caught on that they were losing money and put the kabosh on that. Now, sadly, their space on Fair Oaks sits empty.

    I've sampled the food from Magnolia's, but haven't eaten there. Ditto La Petit Vendome.

  5. S: Fraiche's fondue was amazing! We also popped for the charcuterie, which was delish--
    B: Glad we have something in common!
    M: Been there. Quite a treat for the kiddos
    CP: In my dreams!

  6. I liked the Allston Yacht Club in Echo Park.

    They even have a Sunday and Wednesday special...

  7. Nice tip, Paula--I need to try that place!