Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reality Check

Driving down a busy street  I noticed a long line of people.    What was the draw?  What was the event?
A closer look and I realized it was a food bank.

Well, my lads and lasses, I consider myself a generous person.  I'm sure you are one, as well.  I respect the charities to which I send my funds; none of them, however, address hunger in the city where I live.  This week I'm dropping off funds at the food bank, so they can buy the foods they need to stock, and I gently recommend that you, kind reader, consider it as well.

(Although knowing my readers they're waaay ahead of me).


  1. A closer look and you will notice there are long lines for food all around this area. As I realized at the new Lemonade. It's a tough economy for everyone. And with budget cuts they sometimes charge to eat now.

  2. I have two bags of canned and boxed foods I'll be dropping off at Altadena Library.

  3. Where did you see the line, Des? I already dropped off stuff at Webster's for their charity and I have more.

    In case anyone likes this idea: I keep canned foods in my garage as earthquake supplies and I mark the packages with the purchase date. Although I know canned goods will keep a long time I never keep anything more than a year. That way I've always got stuff to give to the food banks and my earthquake supplies remain replenished.

  4. I do something similar to Petrea. Plus, my kids' schools are always collecting food, especially this time of year.

  5. P: Shield of Faith, on Lake--it was their food program. See, I knew you were all ahead of me--

  6. I just hand out money. In Mr V's beater, we appear to be the closest to street people so were always targeted.