Monday, November 7, 2011

Gourgeres, if you dare--

Pay no attention to the quantities of butter, cheese, and beating.  Keep your mind focused on the result, and an accompanying quaff of champagne.

This is one of those standard French recipes apparently everyone knows so well they can tinker with it--a tip of the toque to Dorie Greenspan.

Melt a stick of butter, along with one half cup milk and one half cup of water in a heavy saucepan.  Add half a teaspoons salt, bring to a fierce boil then add one cup flour.  Beat like a mad woman from Chaillot, over low heat, until the flour is fully incorporated, and a more or less cohesive mass.  Continue cooking and beating for a moment or two longer, then turn into a mixing bowl, where the mass needs to cool for a few minutes, before you begin incorporating the eggs.

One at a time, beating each egg in until it is fully incorporated, add five eggs.  Whew!!!  Now  add a mixture of grated cheeses: cheddar, gruyere, maybe some chives, perhaps a smattering of nutmeg, but around 6 ounces or one and a half cups of hard, flavorful cheeses.

Spoon the mixture onto your silpat or greased cookie sheet, a tablespoon at a time.   Pop into a a 425 degree oven, and immediately turn the heat down to 375.

If you have an uneven oven like mine, turn the trays after ten minutes.  Should take between 20 to 30 minutes.
Long enough to clean and dry the champagne glasses.


  1. I like reading Dorie Greenspan. Just wish I could eat her food too.

    But a major improvement to this recipe wood bee two leave out the cheeze, pleaze!

  2. ^ ^ ^
    maybe an improvement to one's cholesterol level but not palate.

  3. This sounds hard. But I'm going to print it out and try it.

  4. I have two words for this recipe. Hell Yes.

  5. S-Now there's an affirmation for ya
    M: Not hard, just for those evenings when you've got some energy or aggression to expend. Nice do, PA; watcha got against cheese, CP?

  6. Oh yeah, like this is going to happen.

  7. Dez, nuttin! Pay no attention to the quantities of butter, cheese and the beating of your heart.

  8. I think I dare . . . these sound sooooo good.