Friday, October 29, 2010

More October

In October I'll be host
To witches, goblins and a ghost
I'll serve them chicken soup on toast
Whoopy once, whoopy twice
Whoopy chicken soup with rice

--Maurice Sendak

Quite the generous host.
When my children were younger, I'd paw through their haul and munch happily:  smarties, pixie stix, jolly ranchers, low-ticket items, unlike the king-sized Snickers and Hershey bars they'd never share.  Out of pity, they'd throw miniature Snickers my way, and fobbed off their miniature Milky Ways on their dad.
This year I am wavering between buying bushels of corporate candy, or hiding in my room with all the lights off.

What will you be doing?


  1. Love, love, love Halloween! We seem to have huge fluctuations in the number of trick-or-treaters from year to year. One year I stock up on tons of candy and give away maybe 25%. The next, I go cheap and nearly run out before the night is over.

    Since it's a Sunday, I'm betting on a heavy turnout. I solve the eating of leftover candy (often the gateway toward that extra holiday poundage!) by buying tasty treats that I don't like.

    Now that I don't have kids' loot to pick through, I should be in good shape.

  2. We'll be handing out lots and lots and LOTS of candy tomorrow night. The kids from less fortunate blocks near ours come around here. It's safer for their parents to bring them to trick or-treat-on our block than where they live. Their costumes aren't as fancy as those of the local kids, but they are so cute and sooooo excited.

  3. Sounds like a plan, ladies. Currently I plan on watching yet another zombie movie
    (Norwegian with a Nazi twist) "Dead Snow."

  4. Yeah, I've been eating my daughter's leftovers and it's not pretty. Or combining it with the "healthy" treats I bought (pretzels with m&ms, teddy grahams with chocolate bars).