Monday, November 1, 2010

Recently Overheard

1) As I run errands the commercial on the radio says, "Did you know, if Proposition 19 passes, people can come to work high?"  The commercial uses the h word about twenty gazillion times.

My husband says, "I'm sure some people already come to work high."

2) Outside of a favorite wine shop, a group of waitresses huddle for their cigarette break.  The manager comes out and says, "By this time next week, you can be lighting up a joint."  One waittress, puffing away, says, "I just don't like drugs, myself.  Never have."  There is no trace of irony.

I load a case of my drug of choice into the trunk of my car and drive off.


  1. Exciting stuff. Hope it passes.

    Would share conversation I recently overheard in women's room but realize it's inappropriate for blog.

  2. Now I have the munchies. What have you been cooking lately?

  3. Speaking of munchies, Susan, I think I was the only person in the world who didn't get the comic that showed a business man reading about Prop 19, on the phone saying, "Buy Frito-Lay."
    Cooking? I should go back to my regularly scheduled program soon ;)

  4. HA! This post cracks me up. Great job pointing out our inconsistencies.

  5. Strike another blow for the drug cartel.

  6. Yes on 19: 3,412,387

    Votes for Meg Whitman: 3,088,070