Monday, October 25, 2010


Here she is.


  1. Thanks. Amazing. I just posted that to my Facebook. I think I'll tweet it, too. People should know about her and support her like crazy.

  2. This brings me back a couple of yrs to when I was just outta my teens: "What was I thinking??!!" Obviously I wasn't, hahahoho! I wish the Chieftess better results!

  3. Hi Desiree, I met you last weekend with Petrea at Bean Town in Sierra Madre. It was good talking with you. I just saw your comment at Altadena Hiker so I thought I'd stop by.

    I must've had my head in the sand the past couple of weeks because I hadn't heard about this. Wow. What amazing courage. I hope she stays safe. Thanks for posting.

  4. Hi Susan! Yeah, I find this incredibly impressive, whether young and idealistic, or young and foolhardy. All for her young son.

    CO: Plenty of embarrassing things from my youth--one or two things that I'm proud of--this may be hers.