Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Five things I am delighted to devour, provided someone else does the cooking:

1. Foie gras.
Who wants to deal with the outraged ducks?
2. Macarons
Too hard keeping the pronuncation straight.
3. Shrimp quenelles
Leave it to the French to elevate a cross between gefilte fish and salmon patties into an art form. Bring on the cheese and heavy cream.
4. Doughnuts
I am hopeless with yeast-based foods. And this is a good thing.
5. Red velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting.
They release my inner Daffy Duck. ("They're mine! All mine!")

And you? What are your favorite foods out?


  1. Just don't outsource your blog! At least I can understand your writing.

  2. I outsource ice cream. I even have an ice cream maker, but Fosselman's is better.

  3. CO:I shall keep that in mind!
    M-very few days ice cream can't improve!

  4. Oh gosh. Anything. I never got the foodie gene. I've learned how to cook a few things because it's too expensive to eat out all the time, but if I could hire a chef to cook all my meals I would. I'd rather clean house than cook. I think this officially makes me a bad person.

  5. I need to outsource the house cleaning 2 someone who likes 2 do that sorta thing.

  6. Thai food. All the recipes take 20+ ingredients. Tastes great, but let someone else fuss.

  7. I'm with you on the macarons & donuts. Also baguettes, yogurt (yuck!), cookies you have to roll out with a rolling pin, whole fish (don't like cleaning them), and creme brulee.

  8. Easier to list the few things I can do. But I never make sweets, I can ruin a fish, and the savory pastry thingies I love are totally beyond me.

  9. I suddenly have a craving for a variety of foods, and a clean house!
    Petrea--this is a scold free zone!

  10. PS--What I mean is: cooking or not cooking makes you a bad person??!! I don't think--

  11. Oh darn. I was getting ready to rail on everyone.