Monday, April 12, 2010

An Appoximation of Unattainable Food

For nothing keeps a poet
In his high singing mood
Like unappeasable hunger
For unattainable food.

-Joyce Kilmer

Over at Vroman's the other night Linda Dove dazzled. While I was puzzling over the right menu to perfectly accompany her poetry, with its intellectual foundation and awe-evoking existence, I realized it was not quite possible.

So, here's the almost perfect accompaniment, to be eaten and savored leisurely, just like her poems:

Fig jam
Creamy goat cheese
Crackers of your choice.

Drink rose, merlot or sparkling wine in celebration


  1. I think you got that just right. She really was good.

  2. I treasure her book. And I even like her fig jam.

  3. You attended her event at Vroman's?

    Where can I attain a great Panini sandwich?

  4. CP--You're right, a perfect Paninni is poetry.
    Only recommendation I've got is Corner Bakery.
    Well, they look good!

  5. The title to your post is so Alain de Bottonesque!!!

    Thanks so much for coming, to the reading and the afterwords, and for your all-around supportive self....

  6. High praise, Linda! And you're very welcome--

  7. I love Linda's fig jam.

    Des, have you read de Botton's book on architecture? I've got a copy if you want it. I've read it once and probably won't read it a second time.

  8. P: I have, thanks! My favorite of his so far, between tweets, has been his Consolations of Philosophy: beautifully written and wistful--