Friday, April 9, 2010

Crimes against Crudites

Along with the scents of spring, jasmine, pittosporum undulatum, Burmese honeysuckle, garden-variety honeysuckle, citrus...michelia champaca, osmanthus fragrans, nicotiana alata...
(takk, AH) come cocktail and dinner parties, informal or formal gatherings all fondly accompanied with plates of crudites. Raw vegetables and dip. Usually so weight-conscious people
(read, women) can feign eating.

Upscale parties will decoratively carve out a red cabbage and fill its heart with ranch or blue cheese dressing; aspirational ruling class parties will provide gently blanched spears of asparagus wrapped with delicately thin slices of prosciutto.

I am fond of sliced cucumber, julienned carrots, celery, and red pepper. Raw cauliflower keeps my jaw toned. Even zucchini is palatable. But please please please, don't rinse and slice and serve your broccoli raw. It is inedible.

There. That is my rant for today. I'm off to buy prosciutto and roast some asparagus. See you Monday!


  1. "Feign eating." I love that!

    But I also love raw broccoli. Go figure.

  2. I think perhaps because you're wild, woman!

  3. The word crudities is very misleading. It sounds like crusty bread and melted cheese when all you get are radishes.

  4. AH: the word for crusty bread and melted cheese is raclette. More, perhaps, in a future post.

  5. You know if it's got starch and milk fat, I'm there.